Customer Testimonials.

I've been with for over 10 years and they have done a great job. Our web site is always up and their fees are fair.

Nels C. Christiansen

Real Estate and Life...
Happy with the service received over the years, not going anywhere!

Paul Bale

long-time Gate user
I have hosted my clients, and my own, sites on Gate for nearly 12 years and have been completely satisfied. Their tech support is very good and have helped immensely when migrating client sites from "discount" ISPs to Gate servers. Excellent service!

Alan Staats

Very fair service
Good and reliable service for more then 4 years

Daniel Manor

Perfect for Business
Best host ever. User friendly, seamless merging, fast and reliable email service, and affordable too! Love this site!

Elizabeth Vasquez site hosting has been fantastic
We have been using to host our daughter's author web site: The site has been on-line since she published her first book, For Honor, in 2004. The service has always been great. I don't believe that the site has ever been down.

Carl Jaske

Hi ,
First thank you very much for your greet services.
It's really help me and my company to improve our business with the others by using your emails to contact the whole worlds.
We are using your services since 2000 with out any problem.

Majed Dallaq

Web Hosting & more offers full service website hosting, virtual services & domain names. We have been using them since we started our business & web page. They are reliable & always available for any technical support uses. You will be glad you did too

Rick Valdez & Lucia Marano de Valdez

Gate....rhymes with "GREAT!" and is
I get all the answers, easiest billing, low to nearly no downtime, fast page visits, and I have not found a better investment for my money. is my choice

JAndrew Esparza

Superb Service with
I am a fervent fan of using for my bands website. Through your services we have been able to integrate our music profiles along with music samples to get the word out about our band. We love the exposure we get and have never had any issues.

John Gagich

have used Gate for about 10 years for 5 different domains and different sites. During that time I have never had a minute of down time or slow response on my sites. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable hosting.

Elsayed Ahmed

I switched over to Gate hosting years ago after a more "famous name" service kept losing connection, losing files, failing to perform properly. Gate's service is flawless. It is so good I don't even think about it til I see their name once per quarter on my credit card statement. I literally never have a problem. I would recommend them without reservation.

Susan Lennon

I have used Gate for about 5 years for 3 different domains and different sites. During that time I have never had a minute of down time or slow response on my sites. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable hosting.

Shawn Harris

Good deal for the money. I've used Gate for years with limited downtimes and good support when something does go wrong. One of the best values you're going to get on a shared server.

Valerie Rigsbee

As a Web designer, I always recommend to my clients. You simply cannot beat the inexpensive hosting packages they offer. For the little bit of money you spend and the number of services/features you receive, it's an unbeatable deal. In addition, they have a top-notch professional and courteous staff. They have always answered or resolved my issues right away.

If you truly care about your clients and your reputation, you need to seriously consider for your client’s hosting needs!

Carey S. Sadowski , President - CSS Web Designs

I have all of my websites (six of them) with Gate and have always had a very pleasant experience. If there are ever any issues, their technical support team is great.

Marc Benardout

I have needed to access technical support A LOT recently and have been well pleased with the response time and content of information.

Jairee Counterman,

I'm extremely satisfied with the services you've provided, and the price is very nice. My site is for residents of a retirement community. We enjoy it immensely and find the information disseminated very helpful and useful.

Elliott Johnson

First off, your company has great customer service along with excellent technical support (if ever needed). Second, your company has reasonable hosting fees with large adequate storage capacities and enough bandwidth allocated to avoid any additional charges. Like so many others, I have lost websites in the past because we could not afford the additional charges. Also, in the 6 years I have used your service, my website has been up and running 99.999% of the time with no problems.

Mark Harper,

I refer everyone to you. I love your site builder. The service is reliable. Any time I call in, I get a real person who can speak English and can help me. I love it. It's simple.

Jen Slepicka

I have been very impressed with the Up time, ease of access and continued support for updating Certificates and domain name renewals. A1 Web Hosting.

Michael Weingand

Getting my website was quick and easy. It was very cheap, and I really appreciated that. I just started my own business, after being out of work for almost a year. I have a number of friends with their own companies, or starting up some form of self-employment. The quick/easy/price factors are important to me and my friends. I have already told several people I know about my experience. I know they will appreciate as much as I do. Thanks so much!!!

Kelly LeGare, CEO and Domestic Services Specialist

Judging from my experience:

1. The uptime and overall reliability of service are very high.

2. Availability of tech support. I use it quite rarely but, when I do, it is important that the issues be resolved quickly. I am very satisfied in this regard.

3. Professionalism and knowledge of the tech-support and other employees. I very much appreciate not only the effectiveness of your support personnel but their professionalism and courtesy as well. It reflects very positively on your firm as a whole and instills confidence in it.

4. Good value of service offerings (the number of mailboxes, the storage allotment, etc. per dollar).Thank you and please continue good work.

Peter S. Faynzilberg, The Aleph Group LLC

I have had excellent uninterrupted hosting service for years! Support always provides rapid response to questions and concerns.

Dean Thomas

“Still one of the best deals around.” Richard Best /