September 24, 2020

Don't Be a WordPress Hack Statistic: The Value of Secure WordPress Hosting

Don't Be a WordPress Hack Statistic: The Value of Secure WordPress Hosting

It's a reality that hackers are out there and always lurking. Due to its widespread popularity, WordPress is unfortunately a big target for hackers and spammers.

Should that matter to the average small business owner with a WordPress site? The answer is unequivocally yes.

You Could Be a Target

Dismiss any notion that your business is somehow insignificant in the eyes of a hacker (or that no party is going to care enough to hack you). They can and will because a low profile is not a threat disqualifier. If you have a business and if you have a website, you already fit into their target demographic. 

Hackers want to collect information and potentially get into your underlying system, so they can abuse it and distribute spam.

More than just time and effort is lost when your site is hacked. Reputation, trust, and relationships are often part of the carnage.

If your email is abused, it could mean server blacklisting – a condition where legitimate emails are disregarded and never arrive to your intended recipients.

Hacks can also mean significant slowdowns due to compromised resources. 

In any case, this is damaging stuff you don’t want to happen to you or your business. Restoring lost reputation and customer confidence is costly.

A Sound Secure Approach: Secure WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open platform supplemented by a diverse, resource-rich ecosystem of contributors, developers, and users. This community rolls out system and platform updates on a routine basis - identifying flaws in security and performance, as well as introducing new features daily.

Common WordPress security best practices include:

  • Not having too many plugins
  • Installing recommended security-focused plugins
  • Consistent PHP and platform maintenance

One of the most important components to our Secure Managed WordPress Hosting is the trust that is placed in our services. Security is our top priority, bar none.

From the ground up, our Secure Managed WordPress service is a premium business-grade hosting platform with technology and secure processes to ensure our customers' websites are safe and secure.

Secure Managed WordPress Hosting provides:

  • Advanced support for validated stable and recent versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Platform performance optimizations, created specifically for WordPress
  • Security systems designed to protect WordPress sites from application attacks, SQL injections, and exploits
  • Automatic update capabilities for WordPress core and components
  • Protection and detection of malware

With a fully trained WordPress security staff providing 24x7 monitoring, updates, and ecosystem maintenance, customers can enjoy a reduced vulnerability posture.

Securing WordPress sites while providing exceptional performance is a significant operational undertaking and work that is never truly complete for us. Reliable secure WordPress hosting is a field that demands the best of the best technology, people, and processes. This is exactly our company makeup.

We encourage businesses to get ahead of the game and avoid becoming a statistic as one of tens of thousands of companies annually caught by surprise by a hack. Secure Managed WordPress can help. Explore our site to learn what separates us as the premiere security focused hosting provider in the industry.

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