August 3, 2020

Hello world!

Those are the two most powerful words in technology. It's the phrase that is output by the first computer program most students learn to write, regardless of the language. It's also the title of the default initial post in a fresh installation of WordPress, so it's only fitting that it be the title of our first post here at the new

Our mission at is to bring the power, flexibility, and security of a fully functional dedicated virtual machine within reach of anyone that publishes content with WordPress. Until now, you had three options:

  1. Create a site on an inexpensive shared hosting account and deal with all of the restrictions and security risks that go along with that
  2. Build and manage your own server to run WordPress, and deal with all of the system administration overhead, maintenance, and headaches that go along with that.
  3. Spend a small fortune on a Managed WordPress server - at least $300/month for the most basic virtual server solution on any of the major providers.

At Gate, we combine the best of all three options: the power and flexibility of your own virtual machine and the ease of use and peace of mind of a managed solution, all at a cost that isn't much more than a solid shared hosting plan. Every single plan we offer comes with everything you need to publish and maintain multiple full-featured WordPress sites, and they are all backed by our team of experts who are always available 24/7/365.

laptop screen with wordpress toolkit

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