Imunify360 Security

Imunify360 Security Suite

All plans are packaged with Imunify360, an enterprise-grade security suite designed to protect your mission critical website.

AI Powered Protection

Through machine learning and algorithms,'s Imunify360 collects security insights from around the world to help identify potential threats and secure your website with proactive patch management.

Equipped with six-layers of security defenses, Imunify360 is the ultimate security solution for mission critical websites seeking an enterprise-grade security solution.

Incident Management Dashboard

A dashboard view of your website's security, with event updates every 30 seconds.


Advanced AI Firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing your servers.
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Intrusion Prevention System

A comprehensive collection of “deny” policy rules blocks all known attacks.

Intrusion Detection System

Scans of all log files allow for automatic bans of IPs with tell-tale malicious signs.

Patch Management

Automatic updates applied to your website server - no action needed.

Malware Scanning

Constant scans of file systems for malware injections, auto quarantining of infected files.

Hardened PHP

Continuous patching of all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities .

Rebootless Kernel

Kernel updates automatically applied without requiring a server reboot.

Proactive Defense

Attackers are constantly working to corrupt, crack, and break your site.

Analyzing script executions in real-time, Imunify360 Proactive Defense identifies incoming attacks on your website and automatically blocks malicious executions, preventing attacks before they happen.
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Protection Against All Attacks

Brute Force Attacks
DoS Attacks
Known Malware
Port Scans
Unknown Malware
Unauthorized User Access
Zero-Day Attacks
Defacement Attacks
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