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We’ll migrate your WordPress website to Gate.com for free of charge.
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A Seamless Experience

Migrating mission critical websites yourself is a high-pressure time consuming process.

Our dedicated migration team will take care of the move for you - providing an end-to-end, zero downtime migration of your website from your current hosting provider to Gate.com for free of charge.
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Our Three-Step Process

1. Provide Your Details

Contact us via chat, phone, email, or contact form to request a migration. We'll reach out to you, confirm your details, request needed information, and schedule your migration.

2. Migration Execution

We’ll migrate a copied version of your site from your old hosting environment onto Gate.com. Sit back and relax while we do all of the heavy-lifting.

3. Verify and Take Live

We’ll ask you to verify your website copy was migrated without a hitch. Following your approval, we’ll help you add your domain and update your DNS settings, officially completing the process.

Dedicated Migration Professionals

Migration Experts

Experience migrating over 100,000 websites over the past decade.


Each and every migration plan is customized to fit your unique needs.

Customer Focused

No migration is considered complete without your 100% satisfaction and approval.

Zero Downtime

Guaranteed zero website downtime during your migration.

Completely Free

Whether or not you're a current customer, we’ll migrate you to Gate.com for free.

Unlimited Migrations

No limits - we'll migrate for free as many websites to Gate.com as you need.
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