The Virtual Machine Difference

Gated Virtual Machines

Your resources on your Virtual Machine, monitored and maintained by security experts.
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Safe and Secure

In the age of website hacks and cybercrime, no longer is it safe for your mission-critical website to live in Shared Hosting environments.

Meet Gated Virtual Machine Hosting for small and medium-sized businesses - a revolutionary concept based on two principles:

Businesses shouldn’t be exposed to others’ security indiscretions and their potential for abuse
Advanced technical expertise shouldn’t be required to manage a Virtual Machine environment

Complete Insulation

Why should your website be compromised by reckless security practices of neighboring Shared environment tenants? More so, why should your business trust that shared tenants won’t abuse the environment themselves and attack your website?

By providing each of our customers with their own secure Virtual Machine container, we eliminate the risk of neighbor abuse on your website entirely.
ai-powered firewall - DoS protection - brute force defense

AI-Powered Virtual Machine Firewall

Each Virtual Machine comes with its own AI powered firewall. Leveraging the power of herd immunity and machine learning, firewalls detect new threats against your Virtual Machine and protects against brute force attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, account takeovers, and incoming malicious traffic.

Robust Infrastructure

Everything from the network down to the hardware, server, software, and core processor level, is owned, controlled, and security hardened with built-in protections.
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In-House Maintained

In-house engineers constantly monitor your Virtual Machine environment, regularly running security reports, detecting and responding to threats, and patching security updates - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Seamlessly Migrate

We’ll perform the end-to-end migration of your WordPress site to your very own Virtual Machine, guaranteeing zero downtime along the way.

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the heavy-lifting of migrating your site.

Website Security Redefined

Proactive Defense

Leveraging cloud heuristics, your Virtual Machine detects dangerous scripts in real-time, killing their execution before they harm your server.

Simple Control Panel

Managing a Virtual Machine environment is typically a cumbersome process. We make it easy with a simple, easy-to-use Control Panel experience.
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Optimized for WordPress

Our Virtual Machines are optimized for hosting WordPress websites, providing the power, performance, and speed needed for your mission critical website to thrive.
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