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Secure and Powerful WordPress Hosting

The ultimate platform for delivering the performance, security, and tools needed for your mission-critical website to thrive.

Power and Secure Your Website

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No third-party providers here. Our infrastructure stack is owned, managed, and maintained - including our Data Centers, Network, Storage, Hardware, and Servers - giving us complete control to optimize your site for max performance and security.

Virtual Machine Container

Your website on a dedicated virtual machine environment - free from neighbor abuse and isolated from security threats.

AI Advanced Firewall

Leveraging cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence, an AI Advanced Firewall protects your Virtual Machine environment from new threats.

Network Security

Proprietary DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) system automatically detects and blocks all incoming DDoS attacks.

Bleeding Edge Server Technology

Best-in-breed server technology - finely tuned to power and secure your mission-critical website.

Virtual Infrastructure

Virtual infrastructure management by SOLUS.IO allows engineers to easily and efficiently provision and maintain Virtual Machine environments.

Expert Maintained and Monitored

Rest assured knowing security experts are constantly providing security patches and updates to your website's server - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Virtual Machine Protection

Your own environment - free from neighbor abuse, insulated from security threats and designed for WordPress. Does it get any better?
Learn About Virtual Machines


Security is in our DNA. Each component of our security stack is carefully vetted and fine-tuned to meet strict internal security standards.

Virtual Machine Defenses

Built-in Virtual Machine defenses from the network level down - combined with 24/7 monitoring - provides the protection your mission critical website needs.

Server Intrusion Detection

Each and every log file on your server is scanned, with automatic bans to suspicious IPs.

Intrusion Prevention System

An array of “deny” policy rules blocks all known incoming attacks on your site.

Malware Protection

On a daily basis we scan for malware injections within your system files, automatically quarantining infected files from wreaking damage to your environment.

Zero-Day Proactive Defense

By intercepting and analyzing all incoming scripts to your website in real-time, we're able to block all “zero-day” attacks on your site.

Rebootless Secure Kernel

Automatic patching of kernels keeps your server constantly secure - no reboot required.

Comprehensive WordPress Security

Our comprehensive security solution protects your mission critical website and delivers peace of mind.
Learn About Our Security
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Feel the need for speed? Our integrated Speed Kit technology is optimized to fuel your mission critical website to blazing fast speeds.

Built-In Speed Kit

Built-in rerouting of site traffic into our Speed Kit caching infrastructure optimizes your site resources to load faster.

Caching Infrastructure

Infrastructure that stores the latest network optimized copy of your site, readily available for fetching at a moment's notice.

Protocol Stack Optimization

Tuned HTTP/2, TLS, and TCP optimizations for fast page loads.

CDN Edge Servers

All traffic to your site is rerouted to the closest of 40 edge servers around the world, allowing for speedy page loads - no matter where visitors are located geographically.

Dynamic Content Caching

Minute by minute caching of your site ensures no website visitor eversees stale content.

Performance Monitoring

Constant measuring of site performance, presented in Page Speed Analyzer tool.

Speed Matters

Did you know a one-second delay in page load time results in a 7% drop in conversions on average? Or that 40% of website visitors abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load?
All plans are equipped with Speed Kit technology to boost your site speed, allowing you to retain traffic and increase revenue.
Plan Overview

Automatic browser and CDN caching

Automatic image optimization

Network stack tuning via TCP, 
TLS, and HTTP/2 protocols

3rd party resource acceleration

Resource prioritization and delaying


Our platform features a rich collection of features and tools to manage your mission critical WordPress site - efficiently and effectively.

Smart Updates

Automatic updates applied to your WordPress core, plugins, and themes, AI tested to ensure site compatibility prior to execution.

Workflow Management

Stage, clone, sync, update, and migrate environments and WordPress instances with a single click.

Daily Backups

Roll back to prior versions of your site with daily backups.

Single Pane of Glass

Mass-manage WordPress plugins, environments, and security from a single pane of glass.

WordPress Security Scans

Daily scans of your WordPress instance and automatic executions of the latest and greatest security recommendations by

One Click Installer

Initialize and configure WordPress instances from start to finish with a single click, including WordPress database and admin account creation.


Our world-class support team is armed with the knowledge and experience to resolve your issues in real-time during first contact, allowing you to focus on work that matters.


Our average support agent has an experience of 6+ years managing complex applications.

WordPress Experts

All agents are WordPress trained and knowledgeable.

First Call Resolution

Dedicated to providing first call support resolutions within the few minutes of contact.

Beyond Support

Committed to transforming each customer interaction into a one-of-a-kind service experience.

Always Available

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 times a year - via phone, chat, support ticket, or email.


Dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction - if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.
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