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Next level DNS Server protection for your website, including built-in DNSSEC authentication. Available with all Gate.com plans.

Why Does DNS Security Matter?

The Domain Name System (DNS) serves as a protocol for your domain to be translated into machine-friendly IP addresses - allowing your website to be properly routed to visitors' browsers.

Created in the 1980s, the DNS system was not made with security in mind and as a result is a prime target for a cocktail of attacks, including:

DNS Flood Attacks - When clusters of illegitimate traffic overwhelm your website's DNS server, your website is left compromised
DNS Spoofing - Through malicious altering of DNS records, hackers are able to redirect your website visitors to spoofed, look-a-like versions of your site - allowing for easy phishing of your customers' data
DNS Tunneling - By intercepting communications between your website visitors' browsers and your DNS Server, malware can easily be “tunneled” into customers' computers
DNS Hijacking - Through the hijacking of DNS queries to your site, legitimate web traffic can be rerouted to fraudulent DNS servers and look-a-like versions of your site

The Gate.com DNS Difference

Through a combination of built-in DNSSEC Authentication capabilities and a global network of DNS Servers, your website is protected from DNS-based attacks.

DNSSEC Authentication

Built-in DNSSEC security within Gate.com DNS Servers automatically signs your DNS communications with digital signatures via public key cryptography. This process guarantees the safe exchange of data between you and your customers.
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DNS Servers

Thanks to our global network of Anycast distributed DNS servers, your website's IP address lives on multiple servers at once - giving you protection in the case of a targeted DNS Flood Attack on your website.

Key Gate.com DNS Features

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DNS Manager

An easy to use interface within your Account Portal, allowing for easy DNS zone management.


All Gate.com DNS servers leverage PowerDNS technology for malware filtering, automated attack mitigation, and long-term query logging & searching support.

24/7 Support

24/7 support for your DNS Servers, available via chat, phone call, or email.
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