October 5, 2020

Why an Up-To-Date WordPress Platform Matters

Why an Up-To-Date WordPress Platform Matters 

Your website is a critical part of your operations. It's your calling card, featuring business critical components related to everything from communications, ordering, shopping, to payment processing, and more.

It isn't surprising that the more complex your site is, the harder it is to keep everything up-to-date and the greater its security risks.

Building for the Best Web Experience

Secure Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of the operational task of maintaining your platform's ecosystem of server configurations, enhancements, and systems management.

Everything from platform testing, deployment, validation, as well as data integrity best-practices is taken care of for you.

Operating at the cutting edge of optimizations, organizations with Secure Manged WordPress hosting are able to break free of constant technical up- keep and ensures customers' experience on your site is as secure as possible.


Learn more about Gate.com's Infrastructure and how we work to ensure our clients' sites are up-to-date at all times: gate.com/our-platform/.

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